Monetize your property through Good Finance

Do you own a property? You wish to settle debts, to lift a bank card, to finance a personal or professional project, to supplement your retirement, to face an unexpected expense (dependence of the parents, to help a close …)

You have no cash or access to credit? Good Finance may be your solution

Good Finance is based on the value of your real estate assets


Coming from the social and solidarity economy, stayhome has created the Good Finance to allow all the owners to free cash thanks to their real estate (primary or secondary residence, well rented, offices, commercial walls, SCI …) while staying at home, and keeping their heritage in the family bosom.

Good Finance is based on the principle of sale with the option of redemption


How it works ?

1. The owner sells his property to a stayhome investor (an individual) while benefiting, throughout the duration of the Good Finance, from a contracted repurchase option at the notary.
2. The sum released during the sale allows him to carry out his projects or pay off his debts.
3. He becomes a tenant, with or without rent to be paid (to be determined according to his situation and the Good Finance solution set up) for a maximum period of 10 years.
4. The “seller-owner” exercises his right of redemption and redeems his property at the initial selling price. He may also decide to resell his property to a third party at the market price and keep the differential.


Good Finance is based on the value of real estate and allows all owners, individuals and professionals to generate cash regardless of their financial or professional situation, age or income.

Through Good Finance, all homeowners and professionals alike can:

– finance personal projects (acquisition of real estate, travel, purchase of vehicle, purchase of balance, …)
– finance professional projects (business creation, investment, creation of own funds …)
– pay off debts and / or get out of over-indebtedness
– improve their purchasing power, enjoy their retirement
– finance the expenses related to the dependency ( senior residence, home services …)

Good Finance is an innovative and flexible solution that adapts to all profiles:

Good Finance is an innovative and flexible solution that adapts to all profiles:

– No age, health or income criteria
– With or without monthly payment during the Good Finance period
– Good Finance duration of up to 10 years
– Accessible to all owners: entrepreneurs, tradesmen, artisans, unemployed, retirees, banking files …

Concrete examples

Concrete examples

1. Good Finance to pay off debts

Philippe and Mélanie, have to face financial difficulties. They have accumulated several unpaid loan installments and are now registered with the Banque de France. Owners of their home, they realize a Good Finance.

Encrypted detail of the operation:
Value of their property: 150 000 $
Current credits: $ 95,000
Cash requirement: 10,000 $
Sum freed thanks to the Good Finance: 105.000 $
Rent to be paid during the period of Good Finance: 567 $
Redemption value of the property “carried”: $ 123,700 (notary fees and fees included)

– The Good Finance allows the couple to pay off all their debts, to lift the file and to avoid foreclosure.
– They benefit from a rent lower than the real rental value of the property
– They stay at home and maintain their lifestyle.
– They no longer have any credit and find a financial balance which will allow them to subscribe a credit to buy back their property.
– The surrender value is fixed from the outset without any profit for the holder (no capital gain on the resale).
– The couple benefit from the valuation of the property acquired over the years and have the duration of their Good Finance to buy their property at the agreed price or sell it to a third at the market price.

2. Good Finance to enjoy retirement and improve its purchasing power

Mr and Mrs Harry are 86 and 83 years old. They own their main home. They wish to travel a few more times as long as they are healthy but can no longer be financed by the banks.
The couple makes a Good Finance on their main residence to finance a trip. He also takes the opportunity to pay a few small loans.
During the Good Finance, the couple now benefits from housing allowance.
The Good Finance’s exit will be done by the resale of the property before the end of the Good Finance. The remaining money (ie the sale price minus the cash value) will allow them to return to a retirement home.

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