How does Payment Intermediation help in the financial management of the company?

“Organization is everything.” This is a phrase that most people agree with. Whether at home, at school or at work, when everything is in order it is easier to have control of the situation. In a venture, it is no different. When company finances are organized, the chances of increasing profitability are great.

In addition, it is essential that the bridge between your business and the customer happens as smoothly as possible without hassle and ease. For this, it is possible to count on the help of a platform that intermediates payments . This type of system assists in the process of receiving your business, optimizes financial management and helps you leverage your business. It is also available to both companies and individuals. Here’s the advantages.


What is a payment intermediary?

What is a payment intermediary?

If consumers today are looking for convenience when they want to make a purchase or purchase a service, business owners are also looking for ease in dealing with the difficulties of entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is important to have tools that assist you at all stages. And this is the purpose of a payment intermediary : to facilitate the process of receiving sellers, service providers and all those who charge. The system is the link between you and financial institutions, ensuring that sales figures are passed on to the seller.

The intermediary groups several payment options on the platform. As the customer can choose the most appropriate form for him, the chances of closing sales are higher. In addition to billing tools for customers, it offers a set of actions and routines that benefit your business, such as customer data security and management of receipts, which facilitates the identification of delinquents, among others.


How does the system work?

How does the system work?

Once your company contracts for the service, you can start issuing charges. In case of purchase, when your customer finalizes the order, he fills in the payment details in a safe environment. The information is analyzed instantly and the purchase can be approved or not. Upon approval, the system prompts you to proceed with the process of shipping the goods.

If you are a service provider, you can directly charge your customer by email, which can be either a bank slip or a credit card, depending on your choice. If you choose to charge by ticket or booklet, there is also the option of generating the PDF for personal delivery.

There is also the possibility of sending recurring charges, which are the subscriptions . In this case, the system automatically sends the payment slip or credit card payment request according to the frequency you have chosen. This means you don’t have to worry about generating a charge every month. In the Payment Mediation Handbook you will find detailed information on the main online payment methods, and better understand how the system works.

If the company chooses to use the platform through integration, where the tools will be used directly from its system, the process is performed by the Application Programming Interface ( API ). In this interface you can perform all procedures provided by the payment intermediary directly through your system.


What are the advantages of the system?

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  • Payment Options: Your company offers more payment options, enabling you to choose the one that best fits your financial situation at the moment;
  • Less paperwork: The intermediary is responsible for the entire process and you don’t have to have a contract with banks or card operators.
  • Security: The platform works with a range of procedures, such as anti-fraud and data security technologies, ensuring the security of payers and recipients.
  • Scalability: The intermediary makes all the services provided by the company to be efficiently performed at all times. That is, it ensures the stability of services regardless of the number of users who are on your site. Thus, the venture gains reliability in the market.


How does the intermediary help in your venture?

Several brokers are available today and offer affordable plans with no membership fee and low cost fees. By using the service, you do not need to make your own agreements with financial institutions, which helps to reduce expenses.

With the services of this system, you save time and can devote to other issues of your company, as the intermediary is responsible for the entire process of receiving. After all this information, you can see how advantageous it is for your company to hire the services of a payment intermediary. To learn more, contact us.

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