Loans – Borrow around your bank?

In recent years, the number of loans has increased significantly. This is partly due to the fact that many more loan providers have come to the market and that it has become much easier to borrow money. Today, you don’t have to go to the bank to borrow money. There are many other financial institutions and online loan providers that offer loans to both private and corporate.

You can therefore easily take out a loan outside the bank . Many online loan providers offer a so-called consumer loan that can be used at exactly what the consumer wants. This can be for unforeseen expenses, or just for something the individual borrower is missing or would like to acquire. This type of loan ranges from a loan amount of a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand. This depends on the individual borrower’s wishes and the terms that the loan provider offers its borrowers.

What is it like to borrow from the bank?


When you borrow outside the bank, you will experience a much faster and easier loan process. This is because if you have to borrow money through the bank, then you need to meet with your bank advisor. Together you have to go through your financial situation, where you also have to explain what you would like to borrow money for. If you take out a loan outside the bank , you can only apply for a loan online.

Most loan providers will need to have few information about it in order to respond to your application. So it happens easily and quickly compared to if you had to take out a loan in the bank. At the same time, most online loan providers do not interfere with the basis of the loan. This gives you a greater freedom to choose for yourself what you want to spend the money on.

Before you borrow


Of course, before you borrow, it is always a good idea to make a savings. You should either make a permanent or continuous deposit into a savings account. This ensures that unforeseen expenses will suddenly come to you, as your savings can help you the first part of the road financially. Occasionally, however, we are in situations where the money in the savings account is not enough.

This is most often seen in situations where you would like to buy a car or a house. But when the income is not enough and an unforeseen dentist bill arrives or the washing machine breaks down, the savings may not work. It is therefore necessary to take out a loan. When you have to borrow for those things, it can be advantageous to take out a loan outside the bank . Most banks need to know what to use for the loan, while the loan process is long and cumbersome.

Set a budget before you borrow

Set a budget before you borrow

We always encourage you to think carefully before taking out a loan. Before that, you should set a budget so that you have a better overview of your financial situation. Thereby you also have less inclination to borrow more than what you actually need or have the option to repay. A budget can give you an overview of the income and expenses you have, and thus also what profits or deficits you have in your bank account.

We’ve created some guidelines for you to keep in mind when setting a budget:

  • Be realistic
  • Take into account unforeseen expenses
  • Include insurance policies
  • Put money aside for other things such as gifts and summer holidays
  • Create a savings account (then you are secured if unforeseen expenses occur)

Take a loan outside the bank


Good Finance is just one of the online loan providers on the market where you can borrow outside your own bank. Our loan options are thus designed to give you the opportunity to finance the small expenses. The ones that fill up in your daily finances anyway. The advantage of taking out a loan outside the bank at Good Finance is that, first of all, we do not ask what you need the loan for. The only thing we are interested to know is that you can repay your loan within its term.

With us you can borrow between 3,000 and 15,000 kroner for exactly what you are missing. You may be missing money for a new car, or for a minor home renovation. This can be possible with a loan from Good Finance. Loan money with us and let your dreams come true. If your loan is approved, we will immediately transfer the money to your account and within minutes you will have the money.

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